What Are “Buyer Credentials?”

It is 2 pm MDT on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013.  I am documenting the exact time I am writing this post, as everything I say here may change overnight.  But I can tell you with absolute certainty that at this moment in time, the real estate wind outside my window is definitely blowing towards a seller’s market.  This simply means that for every seller, there is more than one qualified buyer.  In the Denver Metro market, I would guess there are at least five.  I don’t have to go into all the reasons for this state-of-affairs if you’ve been paying attention, but trust me:  if you’re a serious buyer of real estate in this market, you’re going to have to prove yourself.

You have to show that you not only can buy the home of your dreams because you make enough money and have a high enough FICO score, but that you can do it quickly with a minimum of contingencies, and probably for a price higher than the seller is asking!  You have to be financially qualified because only the best are locking down mortgages these days; doing it quickly because if you can’t, the next buyer in line can; and doing it pricier because multiple offers from other buyers are probably going to compete with yours.

Don’t shoot the messenger!  As a broker for the last 20 years, I haven’t seen too many markets like this one, and I don’t think it is particularly fair to buyers.  But it is the reality.  It is also my job to help you cut through the fog and end up at the closing table in spite of the formidable obstacles.

the Property Owner’s Network’s solution is what we call Buyer Credentials  (All Rights Reserved).  We create a highly-personalized set of reasons for a seller to choose you to buy their home, sometimes even when your offer is less than a competing one!

To find out how we can substantially increase the odds of having your offer accepted by a picky seller, contact us.  You can email us anytime: paulh@ourcoloradohomes.net.  Let’s keep this confidential just between you and us for now.  We’ll get you in the door of your choice before anybody else knows you bought it…